How do I care for my Yeti Yarns?

Yeti Yarns are dyed on superwash wool bases, which means they can be machine washed with cool water and on gentle cycle. Be sure to use gentle soaps. For the very best results and longevity of your handknits, however, it is recommended that you handwash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

Dye may bleed for the first few washes, so please wash separately.

Spot removal for wool fabrics according to

Alcohol or food: Place towel under area. Gently rub carbonated water toward center of the spot.

Blood: Pat with a damp sponge to remove excess. Dab very gently with undiluted vinegar, followed by cold water.

Butter and grease: Gently sponge with dry-cleaning fluid.

Chewing gum: Scrape off excess gum, then sponge with dry-cleaning fluid.

Chocolate: Sponge with cold, soapy water.

Coffee and tea: Sponge with glycerin. If none is available, use cold water.

Egg: Scrape off excess, then sponge with cold, soapy water.

Grass: Soap very carefully using a mild bar soap or flakes, or dab gently with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

Ink: Immerse in cold water.

Lipstick: Can often be removed by rubbing white bread over stain with a firm, gentle motion.

Make up or shoe polish: Rub gently with a cloth soaked in dry-cleaning fluid. Rinse with mild, soapy water.

Motor oil or tar: Sponge with dry-cleaning fluid.

Mud: Allow to dry, then brush off excess. Sponge from back with cold, soapy water.

Red wine: Immerse in cold water.